Healing through Art


Art has been around since the beginning of time.  Art can be found in many unique and exciting forms; dancing, gardening, preparing a nice meal, painting, and drawing.  Our own unique expressions are a form of art whatever they might be…The expression of art is limitless…going upside down & seeing life in a new way… being in the FLOW whatever that may be for you.

I believe art can facilitate healing as one learns to release and tap into their own unique energy, which lies within each of us.  This is our true nature.

Yoga and Art can facilitate this deep search to find our true nature.  When we look at a beautiful painting, a flower, or listen to music we are taken away from the stresses of life, if only for a brief moment.  Yoga teaches us to embrace life allowing us to move through it,  with all its ups and downs. It teaches us to see things with an open heart and mind, coming from a place of acceptance, understanding and love.

Both may be used as a form of inspiration, healing, and meditation. Both have the ability to evoke different energy movements in the brain and body by stimulating endorphins, emotions, and bodily sensations, which are unique for each individual.  Both facilitate a state of awareness beyond the thinking “monkey mind”.

Yoga and Art are a beautiful a magical alchemy that enables us to see life in a new and uplifting way!

The art and science of Yoga enables us to see life outside the box, letting our walls down, allowing us to evolve..Much like an artist does when he sits to paint he is open to what may come across his canvas….Seeing life as one beautiful tapestry…One stroke or posture at a time!