Musings by Jacqueline


May 2016 Minneapolis, MN

Ever present moment”

I hiked down the wet gravel road to the valley floor of the nature preserve.
Entering the wet wooded area
rain softly falling
a light grey mist hung in the sky.
A blue heron flew from underneath the bridge, down stream he flew
his wing span wide and full, majestic and sure…
landing on the edge of the stream he stood still and peaceful.
The aroma of the wet wooded earth in bloom
filling the air
blue, lavender, and purple wild flowers.
Their fragrance intoxicating
fresh grapes, lilacs and honeysuckle.
My mind~heart filled with joy as the smells rushed through the sense door.
My mind unmoved and only the awareness of joy arose, energy and a feeling of being complete…
In just that simple moment of deep presence my being was at ease.
And then without warning the mind door was seen grasping, wanting a way to bottle or keep the beautiful smell and to share them with others…
The moment was broken by the mind preventing and sabotaging me from being at peace with this simple present moment…
The moment shattered by the untrained mind and the duty of the ego to undermine being with this ever present moment…

May 2016

“Listening to the rain
the birds song in the mist
a blanket like feel encompassing and surrounding
everything with its peaceful release.”

Jan 14, 2011 “The Ghat’s Varanasi India”

The Old Goat walking along the ghat in Varanasi

His body crippling and aching

Each step he takes is filled with pain, as he carries with him the elements of the Universe

With each lift of his leg and each placement of his cracked hoofs on the cement

he remains strong, determined and present

Carrying with him the knowledge he has gained, his only friend and solace

He was forced to run, by the dogs who were attacking him

The unexpected, and suffering of his life

He runs to find safety… knowing all will be calm again

but for now suffering is present

Varanasi, India

July 28,2010

Dog days of summer, New flowers bloom, and Die

Hiking in the hot summer sun, the river moves, bees drink, butterflies dance

New lilies appeared in the woods today

clustered together, yet strong alone nectar’s fresh scent

Stir the air

My Mind

My mind, my mind

my monkey mind, even he is perplexed

about the profundity of life

or not…

July 2010

Eating a blade of grass

the dog days of summer upon us, we sweat

In August the bees and the butterflies following their course in life

written out for them in detail they proceed with utter


Life so fragile

a fleeting beat of the heart

can stop it all

or not…

July 2010

Going to Walden such an easy thing

Showing up to experience each moment is not such an easy thing

Some people say going to Walden a waste of time, going to Walden an easy thing.

Going to Walden is not an easy thing-being with each experience just as it is…

Recognizing, Accepting, Investigating, Non- identifying each experience.

Moment to Moment not an easy thing

buts its value Nibbhana

July 2010

The waters current flowing rapidly

swirling, swirling like a vortex

the way of the mind

the cycle of life

Recognizing this ends the cycle of birth and rebirth

Yucca Valley Retreat May 2010

In the desert I walk

Solitary and Strong

grounded in the sand

The tortoise moves slowly

methodically choosing each step

The rain will come, it is upon us now

all living beings

the small ones of the earth

will be happy for the moment

Bethany Springs Hermitage 2010

The coolness of the ground, the warmth of the morning sun rising

a light fog kisses the earth and merges into one with the air

a stickiness felt on my skin, a glow on my face

I arise today at the end of my reprise and feel utter joy, peace, hope and love in my heart.

The crickets sing, wild geese honking as they glide through the air

The birds making their beautiful melody

A symphonic orchestra of nature greets me with such clarity and amplification.

Another beautiful day at Wellsprings begins a new!

Aug, 2011~ My Mantra for the rest of my life!

Goodness above me, Goodness below me

Goodness to my right, Goodness to my left

Goodness in front of me, Goodness behind me

Goodness outside of me, Goodness inside of me

I give only Goodness again and again and again,

I receive only Goodness again and again and again…Shanti OM


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